In the end, plastic toys are not safe?

Pay attention to several principles of structural design of plastic products
The main ingredients of plastic toys?

Is plastic toys safe? Learn how to choose a plastic toy:

1. Look at the security label

Regular toy manufacturers will attach safety labels to the packaging of the toys and have complete information. Including: applicable age, quality system, materials used, etc., recoverable conditions, etc.

2. Look at the size

Includes external and internal dimensions. Toys can’t have detachable small parts. If they are put off their mouths and put them in their mouths, they may cause dangers such as throat and suffocation. If there is a small hole in the toy department, the size of the finger shall prevail to prevent the child from reaching into the hand or the finger, causing it to cause unnecessary harm to the child.

3. Look at the nozzle

Toys produced by regular manufacturers will avoid leakage at the mouth of the design, and will not appear, the nozzle is too large or the shear residue is sharp. It is better to find the nozzle or the nozzle is smooth.

4. Look at the color

The toys produced by regular manufacturers, the plastic raw materials are all made of colorless raw materials and toner mixed colors, the color control is also stricter, the color is purer, and it is also comfortable. Those black-hearted toys may be recycled and recycled, so that the colors can not be reconciled, the colors are not pure and the eyes are heart-warming.