How to identify non-toxic plastic glue?

Plastic toy production—Recycling classification of plastics
Pay attention to several principles of structural design of plastic products

Today, I will introduce you to the identification of plastic toys: How to identify non-toxic plastic glue?

First, Put the plastic bag on the bottom of the water. Because of the different specific gravity, polyethylene and polypropylene float on the surface of the water and are non-toxic. Polyvinyl chloride and polystyrene sink to the bottom and are poisonous.

Second, from the appearance of polyethylene, polypropylene is relatively soft, basically transparent, but polyethylene milky white, polypropylene white; and PVC plastic bags are slightly yellow, softer than polyethylene, polypropylene, and slightly plasticized Flavor

Third, non-toxic raw materials polypropylene, polyethylene, hand touch has a sense of lubrication, the surface is attached with waxy, flammable in case of fire, like wax candle oil, dripping, yellow flame, paraffin smell; if toxic The raw material of PVC, polystyrene and melamine plastic is triggered by the plastic hand. It is not easy to burn. It is extinguished when it leaves the fire. The flame is green and has a scent.