How is the plastic doll colored?

Pay attention to several principles of structural design of plastic products
Toy manufacturers tell you which toys are not suitable for children?

We remind consumers that when purchasing plastic dolls for their children, they should choose regular channels to purchase, such as regular large shopping malls, maternal and child goods stores, brand stores and so on. Don’t buy items from unknown sources. The children’s toy logo on the market is messy, especially the material logo is too simple, only “plastic”, “PVC” and so on. Some plastic figurines smell pungent and there is also a discoloration phenomenon. Be cautious when choosing to buy. When using plastic toys, try to avoid children licking or biting the surface of plastic dolls. There are many different ways to color plastic dolls:

First, you need to adjust the color of the color you need to use with the raw materials. When you want to inject, you can inject the original color, which is the previously adjusted color.

Second, you can also adjust according to your requirements, that is, first injection molding, and then spray paint, this time you can spray different colors according to your requirements and wishes.

Third, there are actually many different ways, but no matter which one, you need to debug according to the quality and price of the product.