Toy manufacturers tell you which toys are not suitable for children?

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Parents forcibly divide men and women to buy educational toys/toy books for children according to subjective judgments, which deprives children of childhood fun. The child’s future personality orientation has little to do with what type of toys to play. Parents can just guide them correctly. Is the educational toy really effective? In fact, different toys have different ways of playing and can cultivate different abilities of the baby. But do you know which toys can’t be played for children? Today, the toy manufacturer Xiaobian will share it.
Toy manufacturers tell you that unqualified toys have different levels of safety hazards to children. In summary, they mainly focus on two aspects: First, mechanical physics, such as: there are leeks on toys, which may cut the skin, sharp corners may be tied Injury to the eyes; small parts falling off, may be suffocated by children eating inadvertently; if the sound is too large, it may damage the child’s hearing, etc., which will cause child injury. It is chemical performance, mainly because the content of heavy metal elements in the material exceeds the standard, which will damage the baby’s heart, liver, kidney and skin, gastrointestinal tract, respiratory and nervous systems. The chemical hazard has a long incubation period, irreversible, and the consequences are more serious.