Is the plastic doll expensive or cheap?

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As the saying goes, cheap is not good. I believe many people have seen how this plastic toy is said to be good, but when I bought it later, I found that it was not like that. More like some three-product toy dolls made by unscrupulous manufacturers, these can’t guarantee that safe and clean toy dolls will be bought back to children, which is not a wise choice.

Some people say that I will not go wrong when I buy expensive, but Xiaobian visited and found that some parents said that some high-priced plastic dolls are difficult to repair, or there is nowhere to repair, or a small part will catch up with the price of the entire plastic doll. One-half of the time has become a “disposable item”. Some people even think that “it is better to choose expensive than to choose cheaper; it is better to choose the right one if you choose expensive.”

It is understood that children’s toys, such as plastic dolls, are easy to lose goods. China has not yet introduced the “three guarantees” rule for children’s toys. However, if there is a quality problem, it can be judged according to the “Product Quality Law” whether there is 3C certification, safety signs, etc., if there is no, you can request replacement or return.