Plastic injection technology

How to distinguish between plastic and plastic
Why is there a crack in the injection molding process?

The color of the spray processing color is generally selected to be more than 10, do not choose low-gloss matt, because the hardness of the surface will be relatively low, below 1H, and at the same time the injection processing is not wear-resistant, in order to improve wear resistance, generally The hardness of the paint is required to be 2H or more, but when the hardness is too high, the paint will be very brittle, so the surface hardness should not exceed 4H. In order to achieve the surface hardness requirement of the injection processing, a double-combined cross-linked paint is generally selected. At the same time, the edge line of the fuel injection process is difficult to be straight, and there are often saw defects caused by flying oil.

The injection process of plastic products is a surface processing method in which a thermal spray material is heated to a molten or semi-molten state by a heat source, atomized by a high-pressure airflow and sprayed onto a surface of the workpiece to form a special coating on the surface of the workpiece. Thermal spray. With the large amount of “overlapping continuous deposition” of plastic particles, the bonding between the particles should be mostly mechanical, and a certain number of holes must exist. At the same time, the thermal spray is carried out in the air, and the particles in the molten state are oxidized, so oxide inclusions should be present in the coating.

Today, plastic products are ubiquitous, but today’s people’s functional requirements for plastic products are not as good as they used to be. Now the appearance is not only beautiful, but also economical, which means that the focus of attention is now focused. To the cost performance, the injection surface treatment of plastic products plays a vital role in the marketing of products.