What are the effects of temperature on the quality of plastic products?

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Temperature, the word must be familiar to everyone, the appropriate temperature is very good, for example, shower, water is too cold is not good, too hot is not good, moderate is good, is to let People are comfortable. For plastic products, the temperature has a great influence on them. The proper temperature can reduce the deformation of plastic products, and can also improve the quality of plastic products. What is the impact of temperature on the quality of plastic products?

First, can reduce the deformation of the product

Stable mold temperature and balanced cooling rate can reduce the deformation of the product. For products with inconsistent wall thickness and complicated shape, deformation due to uneven shrinkage often occurs. Therefore, a suitable cooling system must be used to keep the temperature of each part of the mold and the core substantially uniform, so that the cavity is in a uniform shape. The plastic melt can be solidified at the same time.

Second, can improve the surface quality of products

Increasing the mold temperature can improve the surface quality of the product. Too low mold temperature will make the outline of the plastic product unclear and produce a distinct fusion pattern, resulting in an increase in the surface roughness of the product.

Third, reduce the stress on the mold cracking

For crystalline plastics, the crystallinity is high; the greater the stress cracking opportunity of the product, so it is advantageous to reduce the temperature control from the viewpoint of reducing stress cracking.

Fourth, improve the dimensional accuracy of plastic products

The use of a temperature adjustment system to maintain a constant mold temperature can reduce fluctuations in the molding shrinkage of plastic products and improve the dimensional accuracy of the product. The use of lower mold temperatures where possible can be beneficial in reducing the mold shrinkage of the article. For example, for a crystalline plastic, since the mold temperature is low, the crystallinity of the plastic article is low, and the lower crystallinity can reduce the shrinkage.