What coloring methods are there?

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Plastic toys are colorful and have a strong ornamental value. The processing materials of plastic toy manufacturers are environmentally friendly and harmless plastic materials. The reason for the rich color is the coloring process. What are the coloring methods used by plastic toy manufacturers?

The compound coloring technology can produce injection moldings with high accuracy, repeatability and deep and shallow layers, which are suitable for small batch production.

The masterbatch coloring method is divided into pellets and liquid processing, which are processed by mixing plastics and masterbatch and transporting them together into a machine. The advantages are less dust, low raw material cost and convenient storage.

Dry toner coloring is also relatively inexpensive, and the color of the vacuum is even and accurate when used. The correct amount of dry toner can be packed in a specific size bag or carton.

When coloring with dry toner, the surface of the plastic toy particles needs to be covered with a uniform colorant. The method of compounding should be more accurate. After the coloring step is fixed, it must be operated step by step.