Bubble solving skills appear during the injection molding process

Plastic recycling
How toy manufacturers solve plastic toy processing defects

Raw materials for plastic toys: Infiltrated into various auxiliary materials or additives by polymer synthetic resin (polymer) as the main component, which has plasticity and fluidity under specific temperature and pressure, can be molded into a certain shape, and under certain conditions. Keep the material in shape unchanged.

Most of the raw materials for plastic toys are extracted from some oils. The most familiar PC materials are extracted from petroleum. PC materials have a gasoline smell when burned; ABS is extracted from coal, ABS It will be soot when burned out; POM is extracted from natural gas, and POM will have a very stinky gas smell when it is burnt.

When plastic toy manufacturers produce injection molding, air is often trapped inside the plastic parts to form bubbles with small volume or a series of pores. This problem is not too big to say, but it always makes people feel a headache. . Then the main reason for the formation of plastic bubbles:

First, if the exhaust system of the production equipment is defective, there is no gas discharged in time;

Second, if the injection speed is too fast during the production process;

Third, if the plastic parts cooling time is improperly controlled during the production process, the local temperature is uneven;

Fourth, if too much or too little is added during the production process;

5. In the production process, the holding pressure of the equipment is too low or the holding time is too short;

Sixth, the raw materials are damp, resulting in excessive water content. Water molecules or other low molecular volatiles in the process of production cannot be discharged in time;

7. The plastic raw material stays in the barrel for a long time;

Eight, the melt temperature is too high;

Plastic bubble solution:

1. Increase the mold temperature and reduce the injection time and cycle;

2, when designing plastic parts, you should not leave a thick and oversized part;

3, the use of good raw materials, to ensure the size of the raw material particles, not to make the diameter difference is too large;

4, the raw materials are dried and then produced, the water content is controlled well.

5. Check the exhaust system to ensure that there are no blocked passages.

6. Control the pressure holding parameters.