Children’s toys to clean

Wash plastic toys before playing
Method for removing odor from toys

Baby’s toys should be cleaned and disinfected frequently to reduce bacteria on the surface of the toys. Different materials are used to wash toys differently. The following is a method of cleaning and disinfecting toys organized by plastic toy manufacturers. I hope it will be helpful to parents.

plastic toys:

Use a clean brush to dip the baby’s bottle cleaning solution and scrub it, then soak it in water with cleaning solution, rinse it with plenty of water, and dry it with a cleaning cloth. Note that if the toy has a battery, scrub the surface with diluted alcohol, then wipe it again with a clean, damp cloth, and dry.

Cloth toys:

Toys without batteries can be directly immersed in water with cleaning solution, then cleaned and exposed to the sun. If the toy has a battery, you need to remove the battery and battery box. When the battery box cannot be removed, clean the surface with a brush dipped in water, and then expose it to the sun.

Plush toy:

The stuffed toy is immersed in water with a cleaning solution, or it can be soaked in water for about 10 minutes with a laundry liquid with antibacterial and anti-mite functions, then washed and dried in a ventilated sunny place.

Wooden toy:

Wipe with diluted alcohol or a cotton swab, then wipe with a dry cloth.