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Maybe many parents think that if you buy toys that meet the relevant national standards, you will not endanger your health. In fact, children’s toys generally contain heavy metal elements. How to meet the standards, toys are only less harmful. It is relatively less harmful to the human body, and it may indicate that due to the production process, there are still many metal elements on the surface, so parents should not rely too much on technology. They should wash the toys before their children play to be more at ease.

It is understood that recently, a survey was conducted to prove whether toys generally contain heavy metal elements. Therefore, we invited professionals from the private environmental protection organization Nature University to buy six types of plastic toys, building blocks, and clay toys from common online shopping malls, supermarkets, and roadside stalls, and verify heavy metals through a portable elemental analyzer. content.

It was found that although toys generally contain metal elements such as lead and chromium, they all meet the current national toy standards. It is estimated that the possibility of children’s exposure to heavy metals and their exposure to toys to affect their health is relatively small. But for many good and bad toys, other conditions are difficult to guarantee.

In fact, heavy metals are not mainly in plastics, but from paint materials. In order to make toy products bright and attractive, paints and coatings are essential materials. Even if recycled plastics are used, they will also contain harmful heavy metals. We all know that if the human body consumes too much heavy metal, it will be poisoned, and if it is severe, it will endanger life, and it is extremely harmful. However, children with heavy metal toys have inadvertently ingested toy fragments to ingest heavy metal elements, which can cause chronic effects, such as children’s mental retardation, blood diseases, and easy to induce cirrhosis or liver cancer.

Therefore, cleaning toys is a very important part of protection. Parents must first buy toys that meet the standards, then wash them, and then dry them in the sun. If the plastic toy is marked as high temperature resistant, you can cook the toy, or Boil with boiling water before using.