Method for removing odor from toys

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Sometimes the plastic toys just bought have a strange smell, which is very dangerous for children. Children like to bite toys in their mouths. Odors and bacteria run into the child’s body. So how to remove the odor of plastic toys. Plastic toy manufacturers tell you how:

1. Heavy odors clarify that the quality of the plastic is not very good, it is best to put them outside or in a ventilated place to spread odors.

2, can be washed with diluted detergent, until the odor is gone or light enough to be negligent before use.

3. Wipe the toys with a dry rag, play in the sun, and don’t leave it for too long, then leave it in a place where the air is flowing for two days.

4. Adsorption method: let plastic products touch and soak in appropriate milk, vinegar, baking soda, fresh brine, waste tea leaves, rice soup or rice water, honey pomelo peel, pineapple pieces (good quality), white wine, dilute sulfuric acid In quality cleaners, etc., some odors can be removed at a certain time.

5. Add fragrance: This method can conceal the odor and cannot be eliminated. Deodorants are commonly used in toys, household products, cosmetic containers, household appliances, and garden equipment.

Plastic toy manufacturers are here to remind you when buying toys, go to regular places to buy toys, if you have a good smell, try not to buy them. Choose the quality relative to the better.