How to distinguish the quality of plastic toys?

Ingredients of plastic toys?
What are the hazards of unqualified plastic toys?

Do you know how to distinguish the quality of plastic toys? I do n’t know if it ’s okay, today I ’ll explain how to distinguish the quality of plastic toys. Friends who like it need to buy it and have a look!
The biggest headache for many parents is not knowing how to distinguish the quality of toys. Now tell you how to distinguish the quality of toys and the issues that should be paid attention to.
First, see if the outer packaging and logo are complete
Generally domestic toys require signs that must be in the outer packaging: “ccc” mark, factory name, address, telephone, material composition, product name, model, etc .:
Second, look at the product appearance
Raw materials generally have better brightness; brighter colors; no spots are visible;
The thickness of the material, the thickness of high-grade products is generally thicker (the price is also higher) is more resistant to fall, general plastics are easy to produce sharp angles and fine particles;
Whether there are sharp points and edges on the product that may be stabbed or sharp;
Third, trial products
Function: Is it normal
Lighting: Will it be too dazzling
Voice: Moderate
The components are firmly connected
Smell it
Open the product if it has a pungent taste. Generally, plastic will have a slight taste, but it will not work if it is not too strong
Five, more contrast