Don’t let toys hurt children

What are the hazards of unqualified plastic toys?
Toys are more than just playing

There are always so many toys for children, and it won’t take long to unpack a box. A whole bunch of things occupy a special place, not to mention that the baby is always a bit longer than the favorite and noisy to buy a new one, many Bao Bao Bao Ma have headaches because of the toys. There are gradually more toys in the house. Some of them are bought by yourself, and given by relatives and friends, such as building blocks, dolls, rattles, etc. However, most of the toys, babies get bored after playing for a while …

In fact, toys are not for more but for the right. The right toy will not only make your baby have fun, but also exercise his senses and promote brain development.

In general, the right toy must match the baby’s age, and a toy baby that is too advanced may not be interested, and there may even be the risk of accidental swallowing or injury.

[0-3 months]

Babies from 0-3 months are just beginning to know the world and are full of curiosity about the world. Bright colors and simple shapes are important factors in choosing toys. The baby at this stage also develops the consciousness of grasping on his own, and likes to use his small hand to reach what he sees with his eyes.

Based on these developmental characteristics of the baby, the mother can shake the baby’s favorite toy 30 cm in front of the eyes, and attract him to turn his head and reach out to grab, to exercise his neck tension and hand-eye coordination. For example, a bed bell is a good choice. Hanging by the crib with good music will help your baby’s hearing development.

[4-6 months]

At this stage, babies learn a lot of skills and gradually become restless. He likes to grasp things with his hands and realize the feeling that different things are in his hands. The headache is that he is in the “sensitive period of the mouth”, and he also puts the caught things in his mouth to taste.

But this is another way for the baby to explore the world, and it can’t be stopped, what should I do?

Many mothers choose toothpaste. Ordinary teether has a single function, which makes it easier for the baby to get bored. If you combine the teether with a rattle, it can make a sound when it shakes.

[7-9 months]

The 7-9 month baby grows very amazing. Not only can she sit alone, but she also learns to crawl slowly, and her ability to explore the world is enhanced. He shows attachment to close family members, pays attention to things that interest him, and likes to do certain actions repeatedly. This stage is a good time to cultivate your baby’s interest in reading, because reading can satisfy his desire for cognition and exploration. Colorful, non-tearable cloth books are a good choice.

[10-12 months]

At this stage, the baby is no longer satisfied with crawling and starts to practice standing, walking and other sports skills! When buying toys, you can choose toys that can exercise your baby’s motor nerves, such as drag toys, small balls, etc., or choose to help Baby learns to walk with toys. The traditional disc walker has a high cushion, and the baby can only roll on toes, which can easily cause toe eversion and O-legs. It is not recommended, but you can choose a push walker.