Three essentials for choosing a toy for your baby

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Children are the hope of every family. Parents of electronic toys are willing to buy toys for their children. Playing toys can not only make children happy, but also help them improve their IQ and the development of children’s intelligence and physical labor. So it is correct Is it? More expensive toys, okay? The following prompts you to choose baby toys.
One is to choose toys that are suitable for your child’s age.

According to the age of the child, the choice of toys is different. Children of each age group also need toys. They do not include buds when he prepares only 8.9-month-old toys for children. Think of the baby’s toy for a few months without hair, because the baby’s respiratory tract’s fragile hair at that time, some easily alopecia and sucked into the blockage of the respiratory tract, easily cause choking. This is a safe choice for your baby. There are different needs for psychological toys for children of different ages. At any time, baby’s preferences are different, but if the toy is not of age, so the baby toy is too simple and does not make sense for an electronic toy, it can be just for a child; if the toy is too complicated, the baby may play well, but the child is not only An intellectual capacity and activity. Therefore, the right choice of baby toys can really make fun and learn.

The second is to choose a sex toy suitable for your baby.The choice of baby’s shape and color is also particular about. Generally, girls like dolls or toys that are more reddish in color. They have some beautiful things, and boys are more interested in automotive electronic toys and airplanes. If girls who buy cars and planes, girls don’t love them; girls who can’t use it to buy a toy doll to play with, will be laughed at by girls. So buy toys considering gender.

The third is to choose health and safety toy companies.
Some toys made of non-toxic materials should be selected, but the color toys should not fall off, and the surface should not have edges and corners. It is best to be smooth. It will not treat infants. If a group of children play together, it will easily hurt other children. But it is better not to choose a mouth toy, such as a whistle, so it is easy to be healthy and there is no guarantee, and sometimes the floor of the mouth is also adopted, which does not guarantee the health of the baby. Toys are best not to be too small, so electronic toys are easy for babies to eat and cause suffocation. But for the sound of vocal toys, it is best not to be too high, if the baby suddenly deaf ears to play its roar, damage the eardrum.
In the face of toys in many markets, parents should learn how to choose safe toys? Parents who introduced the three main points of the scientific choice of toys, hope to help everyone.