Are plastic toys safe?

Tips for choosing safe plastic toys
Development history of plastic craft toys

It is no exaggeration to say that more than 80% of the raw materials for toys on the market today are mainly plastics. More common are various plastic dolls, building blocks, transformers, stretch balls, beach equipment, etc., which can be described as everything. The reason plastic toys are so popular now is mainly due to the characteristics of plastic. Plastic has the characteristics of good plasticity, not easy to deform, and will not cause bumps and injuries to children.

But is plastic toy safe? Learn how to choose plastic toys:

Look at the safety label

Regular toy manufacturers will attach safety labels to the packaging of toys and have complete information. Including: applicable age, quality system, materials used, recyclability, etc.

Look at the size

Includes external and internal dimensions. Toys must not have detachable small parts. If they are thrown into their mouths by children, they may easily cause throat suffocation and suffocation. If there is a small hole in the toy department, the size of the finger shall prevail, so as to prevent children from reaching into their hands or fingers, which may cause unnecessary injury to the child.

Look at the spout

Toys produced by regular manufacturers will avoid leaks in the nozzles when designing them, let alone excessively large nozzles or sharp cutting residues. It is advisable to find no nozzle or smooth nozzle.

Look at the color

Toys produced by regular manufacturers are made of colorless raw materials and toners, which are used for plastic materials. They have stricter color control, pure colors, and are comfortable to look at. Those black-hearted toys may be recycled and reused, so that their colors cannot be reconciled, the colors are not pure, and they look disturbing.