Pay attention to fire prevention in plastic products industry

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Plastic products are a young industry. They are based on synthetic or natural macromolecular compounds and are plasticized under certain conditions.

Fire danger:

The main raw material of plastic is synthetic resin. The monomers of synthetic resins, such as acetylene, ethylene, propylene, formaldehyde, and benzene, are all flammable and explosive substances, and they are mostly carried out under high temperature and high pressure in the production process, and there is a certain fire risk. During the production process, static sparks, friction and ignition of equipment and other faults will also occur, and a slight accident can cause a huge fire.

Fire prevention measures:

1. Processing preparation stage:

When batching and mixing, the pump that transports flammable solvents should be placed below the liquid level of the container. The pump cavity is always filled with liquid. The impeller is made of non-ferrous metal to prevent sparks caused by friction. When the powder is mixed, a magnet should be installed at the feed port of the machine to prevent iron components from being mixed into the material. Ventilation, dust extraction, and air extraction should be used in the plant and equipment to remove dust.

Since the solvent and resin are often flammable during prepreg, the prepreg tank should be closed to prevent volatilization of low-molecular combustibles. The exhaust pipe of prepreg tank should lead to high altitude or safe area. The prepreg process and the semi-finished product after prepreg should be heated with hot air, hot water or steam in the dry.

The heating wire used for heating during granulation and extrusion should be equipped with a protective cover. The body of the extruder and the head should be tightly connected. Before driving, the temperature should be raised before adding materials to prevent the combustibles from rushing out and burning in case of fire.