Classification of raw materials for plastic toy production?

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According to the molecular structure of synthetic resin, plastic toy production materials are mainly divided into thermoplastic and thermosetting plastics: for thermoplastic plastics, plastics that are still plastic after repeated heating: mainly include PE / PP / PVC / PS / ABS / PMMA / POM / PC / PA and other commonly used raw materials. Thermosetting plastics mainly refer to plastics made by heat-hardening synthetic resins, like some phenolic plastics and amino plastics, which are not commonly used.

According to the scope of application, there are mainly general-purpose plastics such as [1] PE / PP / PVC / PS, etc., engineering plastics such as ABS / POM / PC / PA and so on. There are also some special plastics such as high temperature and humidity resistance Corrosion and other plastics modified for special purposes.

With the continuous development of “expert” workers in the toy manufacturing industry. So far, there are more than 1,000 skilled workers on this powerful production line, a creative team of experienced engineers, top toy designers and Hong Kong practitioners.

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The entire manufacturing process includes mold production, injection molding, painting, refining, pad printing, assembly and packaging.