Should old toys be thrown?

Plastic toy material classification?
Classification of raw materials for plastic toy production?

Today I bring you a special content: Should I throw away old toys? Shouldn’t it?

Every child is a baby in the hands of parents and angels. Since birth, he has been cared for and loved by his family. In order to make the child happy, to develop the child’s intelligence, and for the child’s healthy growth, many families provide children at different ages. Duan bought a variety of toys. However, as children gradually grew up, they lost interest in old toys, which caused many families to accumulate a lot of old toys. The problem for parents is how to deal with old toys. It ’s a pity to throw away the old toys. .

Without completely eliminating outdated old toys, we can clean them and let the toys enter a large toy box for the winter, so that the children will not have the old toys. After a long time, if they take them out, the children will have some excitement and urge to play These toys.

There are also some toy transformations now. Parents can bring their children together to make toy transformations. Let these toys be upgraded again. Let parents and children witness this miracle moment together.

You can take pictures of old toys, put them on Taobao or second-hand trading sites to sell them, or exchange what you need with others. Maybe what you do n’t need is what others are looking for?

If there are a lot of toys in the family, and it is really not suitable for children to play, then it is a pity to throw away RMB. Then at this time, we can donate these toys to children in poor mountain areas through some community contacts to let them also have A fun-filled childhood.

Everyone is advocating conservation and environmental protection. Today, when resources are scarce, we should start with small things around us and recycle resources. We can transfer or donate old toys to some people in need, which can not only help families deal with some unnecessary The old toys can also increase children’s awareness of sharing to a certain extent.