Creative toys become the new darling of the market

Environmental protection becomes the main trend
The main components of plastic toys?

Optimistic about the consumption potential of the Chinese toy market. The number of exhibitors at home and abroad this year is large. There are both Chinese toy companies that have upgraded from OEM to OBM and used their own brands to penetrate the domestic market, as well as overseas brands that lack sales channels in China. In order to meet the needs of toy companies at home and abroad, a new hall was added at this exhibition, with a total of 3578 booths, with a total exhibition area of ​​81,200 square meters, an increase of 8% over the previous session; a total of 1068 Chinese and foreign exhibitors brought tens of thousands of exhibitors New products are on show. Among them, the area of ​​the international exhibition area has increased significantly, gathering exhibitors from countries and regions such as the United States, the Netherlands, Mexico, Germany, South Korea, Spain, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

In recent years, the number of professional buyers visiting the Guangzhou Toy Fair / Baby Car Show has increased rapidly.According to the organizer’s return visit and research, there are four reasons: First, the domestic consumption of toys, strollers and baby products has increased, attracting the number of sales terminals and employees The number of people has increased accordingly; second, domestic toy sales channels are developing towards a flattening direction, and the number of dealers has increased greatly; third, the deep development of the second, third, and fourth-tier markets, local dealers have greater demand for new brands and new products; fourth It is the continuous improvement of the domestic toy research and development level that has attracted more international buyers’ attention.

The change of consumption concept and the improvement of consumption ability have higher requirements for toys. Only creative, high-quality products can have the opportunity to become the new darling of the market. Exhibitors introduced many eye-catching new products at the Guangzhou Toy Fair / Baby Car Show. In terms of product creativity, the protruding tenons or concave dimples of Luojia building blocks are round and square.By inlaying hooks and stitching at all angles, you can DIY any curved arc toys, Chinese style is full; astronauts in ordinary rice Aircraft bag, the shape design looks like a space shuttle, divided into two parts: rocket thruster (adult bag) and carrying space shuttle (children’s bag), the two parts can not only be used independently, but also can be integrated into one after being combined; The cube can be composed of up to 10 different methods, which can be twisted and combined at will. The weight of the cube is small, and the finished product can also be used as an accessory. Based on the mechanical course, let children understand the principles of machinery while building blocks.