Several Types of vinyl Toys

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Up to now, many people think that vinyl is a name for a material. Here, it is necessary to literacy. In fact, vinyl is a name for a manufacturing process. Due to the special manufacturing process, some other things are added to the material. This also caused everyone to feel different from ordinary PVC toys, and then mistakenly believed that vinyl is the name of the material.

The enamel process is to put copper layer by layer on the surface of the prototype(maybethere are other metals, as for the process, I don’t know for the time being), and then this layer of copper forms a simple metal mold, and then PVC paste resin (It is also said to use PVC particles), add various plasticizers to adjust the softness and hardness, etc., to form a latex state, and then pour it into the metal mold just made, put the mold on the fire to bake, and keep Turn it to make it evenly heated, then take it out to cool down, open the mold and take out the product. Generally speaking, hollow molding products are mainly produced, and because it is made of PVC paste resin, the paste resin is more delicate than ordinary PVC resin, so everyone feels different. Compared with normal metal molds, this kind of process item has lower cost and is easier to make, but the disadvantage is that there is no pressure in the process, and the fluidity of the paste PVC is not very good, which makes it impossible to make very fine and complicated products.

Classification of Vinyl Toys

According to the characteristics of vinyl toys, they can be divided into four categories according to the following four characteristics:

According to the use of vinyl toys, it can be divided into pendant vinyl toys and hydrophilic vinyl toys;

According to the characteristics of vinyl toys, it can be divided into solid vinyl toys and hollow vinyl toys;

According to whether the vinyl is luminous, it can be divided into luminous vinyl toys and non-luminous vinyl toys;

According to the shape of vinyl toys, it can be divided into aquatic vinyl toys and terrestrial vinyl toys.