Tips for choosing safe plastic toys.

Plastic toys should be carefully selected
How to Choose Toys for Children Aged 6-7

Now there are more and more kinds of toys for babies, but plastic toys are favored by babies and parents because of their bright colors, high cost performance, and strong strength. However, we can not ignore that these plastic toys may sometimes become a threat to the health of babies. Therefore, how to choose safe and reliable toys is a headache for parents. Now provide some details that should be paid attention to when choosing plastic toys for parents’ reference.

First, it depends on the glossiness and brightness of toys

High quality plastic toys are much better than low-quality toys in terms of glossiness and color brightness. This is because high-quality plastic toys are usually made of PVC, PP, PE and other plastic raw materials, and the plastic itself is very shiny. However, many inferior toys are usually made of “two materials” (i.e. materials recycled and reprocessed from waste plastic products), and the color becomes worse after reprocessing. Although it may not guarantee the safety of products with good color, products with poor glossiness and bright color are all products with potential safety hazards.

Second, it depends on the thickness of toy products

The biggest feature of plastic toys is that their finished products or parts are one-time injection molded. If the inner wall of the injection molded toy is too thin, it is easy to break and fall when children play. The plastic parts are fragile and produce small fragments, sharp edges and corners, which are dangerous to the baby. Generally, the plastic wall at corners or radians is thicker than that at other places, which increases the damage tolerance of toys when they fall to the ground and reduces the damage.

In addition, check the manufacturer, place of origin, main materials and ingredients, warning slogans, product certificate and other labels.