Toy cleaning tips to keep your baby away from germs.

The value of homemade toys
Plastic toys should be carefully selected

1.Plastic toys

The material of plastic toys is similar to that of baby bottles, so we can clean them with baby bottle detergent. Pour warm water into the clean baby bathtub, put in the plastic toy, and use a clean brush to dip in the baby bottle detergent for brushing. Then rinse with plenty of water, hang it in a net bag to dry, or put it in a clean and breathable plastic basket to dry naturally, but also need to be exposed to the sun and ventilated.

Fixed tooth toy

When the baby has teeth, he always likes to chew things to grind his teeth. At this time, his mother may buy him gum. How to disinfect this toy that directly contacts the baby’s mouth? Imported toys should be cleaned more strictly. Some gums can be disinfected in the same way as the milk bottle: when brushing the milk bottle, you can also use the milk bottle brush and the milk bottle cleaning solution to clean the tooth fixing toys, and then put them together with the milk bottle into the milk bottle disinfection pot for sterilization with high temperature steam; Dental gum that cannot be sterilized by high temperature can also be put into the household tableware disinfection cabinet and sterilized by ultraviolet and ozone.

To be prudent, when purchasing such toys, you should carefully read the product manual or ask the shopping guide to find out how the dental gum you purchased can be disinfected, and not in what way, so as to avoid damage to the toys or deterioration of materials.