What are the advantages of smart toys compared to traditional toys?

Parents are increasingly investing in children’s toys. In particular, the emergence of smart toys, the emergence of talking robots, teddy bears that can interact with games, flying aerospace molds, etc. have overshadowed traditional toys. So what are the advantages of smart toys compared to traditional toys? Then the editor of the toy manufacturer will briefly introduce them. Smart toys are so popular because they have the characteristics that traditional toys do not have, and make up for the lack of […]

Three essentials for choosing a toy for your baby

Children are the hope of every family. Parents of electronic toys are willing to buy toys for their children. Playing toys can not only make children happy, but also help them improve their IQ and the development of children’s intelligence and physical labor. So it is correct Is it? More expensive toys, okay? The following prompts you to choose baby toys. One is to choose toys that are suitable for your child’s age. According to the age of the child, […]

What causes the unstable color of plastic products?

Nowadays, the application of plastic products has been widely used. In life, we are very common, such as: electrical housing, and our usual washbasins are plastic, but when plastic products are processed, the color Instability is a common problem. 1. First of all, the temperature of the injection molding machine should be checked. The color is unstable, which is related to the temperature of the injection molding machine. Therefore, it must be checked first when processing plastic products. 2. Sometimes […]

Toys are more than just playing

Many professionals have said that there are so many educational toys on the market today, but not all educational toys are “real materials”, and a large part of them are “educated”. Children’s toys do not have many educational ingredients, that is to say, these so-called educational toys have their names, they are just counted by high-valued high-end toys. “Take the typical type of music toys that are popular with young parents, as an example, the sales staff will be very […]

Don’t let toys hurt children

There are always so many toys for children, and it won’t take long to unpack a box. A whole bunch of things occupy a special place, not to mention that the baby is always a bit longer than the favorite and noisy to buy a new one, many Bao Bao Bao Ma have headaches because of the toys. There are gradually more toys in the house. Some of them are bought by yourself, and given by relatives and friends, such […]

What are the hazards of unqualified plastic toys?

Toys are children’s close partners, and substandard plastic toys can endanger children’s health and safety. Recently, CCTV exposed that the plasticizer content of a plastic toy manufacturer exceeded the standard by 368 times. It is understood that the plasticizer phthalate in toys exceeds the standard, which may cause precocious puberty in children, damage liver and kidney, and even cause cancer. The reporter investigated the children’s toy market and found that in addition to the harm of this invisible plasticizer, Sanwu […]

How to distinguish the quality of plastic toys?

Do you know how to distinguish the quality of plastic toys? I do n’t know if it ’s okay, today I ’ll explain how to distinguish the quality of plastic toys. Friends who like it need to buy it and have a look! The biggest headache for many parents is not knowing how to distinguish the quality of toys. Now tell you how to distinguish the quality of toys and the issues that should be paid attention to. First, see […]

Ingredients of plastic toys?

Focusing on the manufacturers of plastic toys, the following editors introduce the ingredients and materials of plastic toys: The primary ingredient of plastic toys is resin. The material of plastic toys: It is made of polymer synthetic resin (polymer) as the main ingredient and enters various auxiliary materials or additives. It has plasticity and fluidity under specific temperature and pressure, and can be molded into a certain shape and under certain conditions. Keep the shape unchanged. Polymer: refers to the […]

Method for removing odor from toys

Sometimes the plastic toys just bought have a strange smell, which is very dangerous for children. Children like to bite toys in their mouths. Odors and bacteria run into the child’s body. So how to remove the odor of plastic toys. Plastic toy manufacturers tell you how: 1. Heavy odors clarify that the quality of the plastic is not very good, it is best to put them outside or in a ventilated place to spread odors. 2, can be washed […]

Children’s toys to clean

Baby’s toys should be cleaned and disinfected frequently to reduce bacteria on the surface of the toys. Different materials are used to wash toys differently. The following is a method of cleaning and disinfecting toys organized by plastic toy manufacturers. I hope it will be helpful to parents. plastic toys: Use a clean brush to dip the baby’s bottle cleaning solution and scrub it, then soak it in water with cleaning solution, rinse it with plenty of water, and dry […]