How to Choose Toys for Children Aged 6-7

Check carefully whether the selected toys pass the safety qualification test; Parents of children aged 6-7 can choose some educational toys for them, such as Lego, Smart Rubik’s Cube, etc; Or such educational drawing toys as Ten thousand changes Gear can enhance children’s sense of color. Educational toys When choosing toys for children, you can bring them together and buy them according to their interests. Generally speaking, girls prefer dolls, while boys prefer toys such as Transformers and building blocks. […]

Tips for choosing safe plastic toys.

Now there are more and more kinds of toys for babies, but plastic toys are favored by babies and parents because of their bright colors, high cost performance, and strong strength. However, we can not ignore that these plastic toys may sometimes become a threat to the health of babies. Therefore, how to choose safe and reliable toys is a headache for parents. Now provide some details that should be paid attention to when choosing plastic toys for parents’ reference. […]

Plastic toys should be carefully selected

The mask toys are mostly plastic products, which are also pressed with paper pulp or wood pulp. The patterns are cartoon human or animal shapes. Children like to play with these mask toys very much. Some unqualified mask toys are made of toxic plastic and contain toxic chemicals, which may cause harm if inhaled by children; In addition, some mask toys are airtight, and there is no breathing place left at the mouth and nose. If children wear them for […]

Toy cleaning tips to keep your baby away from germs.

1.Plastic toys The material of plastic toys is similar to that of baby bottles, so we can clean them with baby bottle detergent. Pour warm water into the clean baby bathtub, put in the plastic toy, and use a clean brush to dip in the baby bottle detergent for brushing. Then rinse with plenty of water, hang it in a net bag to dry, or put it in a clean and breathable plastic basket to dry naturally, but also need […]

The value of homemade toys

The universality and selectivity of toys has troubled many parents. In fact, the toy benefactors of Anhui Toys Wholesale Network believe that toys can be said to increase the baby's hands-on ability. Now many parents have noticed this aspect. The advantage of making toys by yourself is that it can turn the toys in children's imagination into reality, and then make materials from existing items at home, such as aluminum cans, PET bottles, buttons, etc. What's more valuable is that […]

Several Types of vinyl Toys

Up to now, many people think that vinyl is a name for a material. Here, it is necessary to literacy. In fact, vinyl is a name for a manufacturing process. Due to the special manufacturing process, some other things are added to the material. This also caused everyone to feel different from ordinary PVC toys, and then mistakenly believed that vinyl is the name of the material. The enamel process is to put copper layer by layer on the surface […]

What is a qualified and regular plastic toy manufacturer?

Toys, as a venue for children to enjoy their happiness and release their instincts, are active in many public places such as shopping malls, children’s playgrounds, kindergartens and universities. In recent years, with the backward development trend of toys, investors want to buy toys, but can not find a good plastic toy manufacturer, the development of the toy industry, today Xiaobian tells you how to choose the right plastic toy manufacturer No matter what industry you invest in, geographic location […]

Environmental protection becomes the main trend

We have been specialized in the design and manufacture of plastic craft toy products. The company has its own advanced production equipment and quality testing equipment, passed the ISO9001 quality management system, our goal is to provide customers with the highest quality products to satisfy each customer. Products are exported to Japan, the United States, Europe, and other countries in the world. In the past few years, we have focused on the production of OEM products, which include various famous […]

Classification of raw materials for plastic toy production?

According to the molecular structure of synthetic resin, plastic toy production materials are mainly divided into thermoplastic and thermosetting plastics: for thermoplastic plastics, plastics that are still plastic after repeated heating: mainly include PE / PP / PVC / PS / ABS / PMMA / POM / PC / PA and other commonly used raw materials. Thermosetting plastics mainly refer to plastics made by heat-hardening synthetic resins, like some phenolic plastics and amino plastics, which are not commonly used. According […]

Should old toys be thrown?

Today I bring you a special content: Should I throw away old toys? Shouldn’t it? Every child is a baby in the hands of parents and angels. Since birth, he has been cared for and loved by his family. In order to make the child happy, to develop the child’s intelligence, and for the child’s healthy growth, many families provide children at different ages. Duan bought a variety of toys. However, as children gradually grew up, they lost interest in […]