How to Choose Toys for Children Aged 6-7

Tips for choosing safe plastic toys.

Check carefully whether the selected toys pass the safety qualification test; Parents of children aged 6-7 can choose some educational toys for them, such as Lego, Smart Rubik’s Cube, etc; Or such educational drawing toys as Ten thousand changes Gear can enhance children’s sense of color.

Educational toys

When choosing toys for children, you can bring them together and buy them according to their interests. Generally speaking, girls prefer dolls, while boys prefer toys such as Transformers and building blocks. Educational toys such as Lego, jigsaw puzzle, and multi intelligence magic cube are all suitable for children aged 6-7. When children play, they can develop their children’s intelligence. Adults can also play together. They can also strengthen the communication between family members and children, and combine education with fun.

Toys that enhance the sense of color

In addition, the Wanyi gear (or the kaleidoscope), a children’s puzzle drawing toy, is also suitable for children to play with. It can draw different line tracks through gear matching in a variety of ways, and can also be superimposed. Children can draw a variety of patterns through this tool, which is not only conducive to developing the right brain of children, enhancing their imagination and sense of color, but also can give children great confidence, and they are amazed that they can create so many colorful patterns.