Should the old plastic doll be thrown away?

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Many families buy some toys at different ages, which means that the previous toys are abandoned. However, as children grew older, they lost interest in the old plastic dolls. This caused many families to pile up a lot of old plastic dolls. The problem of parents’ headaches is how to deal with the old plastic dolls. It’s a pity to throw them, not to throw them. Also occupy the place.

We can clean up the old toys that are outdated. We can clean them up. In the case of some of the old plastic dolls in the storage box, if the children think of it, they can also play it out.

Parents can also bring their children to the toy transformation, let these toys re-upgrade, let parents and children witness this miraculous moment.

You can take pictures of old toys, put them on Taobao or second-hand trading websites, or exchange what you need with others. Maybe you don’t need what other people are looking for? However, this still needs to ask the child’s opinion, this is his thing after all, we should respect the child.

If the child is really not wanting to play, you can donate these plastic dolls to children in poor mountain areas with your child.

Now everyone advocates saving energy. In today’s resource shortage, we should start from the small things around us and recycle resources. We can donate or donate old plastic dolls to some people in need, so that we can not only help families deal with some The old plastic dolls needed can also raise the awareness of children and sharing to a certain extent.