Choice of plastic toys must have 3C logo

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How to clean and disinfect plastic toys

Plastic toys are good friends of children, and choosing a good toy is very important. Many parents think that children’s toys don’t last long, so they like to go to the small commodity market to buy, which is cheap and has a lot of tricks. However, if you do not have the 3C logo, parents should never buy. Because this toy may be the murderer who harms the child. The choice of plastic toys depends on whether there is a certification mark (3C certification), and should choose the products of reliable plastic toy manufacturers.

At the time of purchase, you need to check the parts carefully. The buttons on the plastic toy doll, the eyeballs of the animals, and the small parts that are fixed on the toy car are the central parts that parents should pay attention to. When buying, try to use a few hands to see if they can be loose.

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When buying plastic toys, pay attention to whether there are burrs, and pay attention to the selection of toys made of thicker plastic materials to prevent small pieces from being swallowed by children after falling. When purchasing an electric toy containing gears and chains, check whether the transmission mechanism can be blocked so that the child’s hands cannot be swung in order to prevent the fingers from being pinched when rotating. Try not to buy wooden toys with a paint film on the surface to prevent children from inhaling harmful gases when they bite the toy.

Try not to buy toys that contain fragrance. Because most of these toys contain aromatic compounds such as benzene and toluene, children who inhale too much fragrance will be detrimental to their health. When buying a sounding toy, you should listen to whether the sound is moderate and pleasant, and there is no sense of noise. The excessive sound may affect the hearing of the child and damage.

It is necessary to clean and disinfect plastic toys frequently, and educate children to cultivate good habits of washing hands and hygiene, and avoiding the bacteria on the toys from harming the health of children.