How to prevent lead poisoning in children?

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It is understood that living habits are the key to avoiding lead poisoning in children. Develop a good habit of washing your hands frequently. Pay special attention to washing your hands before meals. Cut your nails often. Wash children’s toys and items that they might put in their mouths often. Children’s toys or objects may adhere to lead dust. The paint layer of wooden toys may contain lead, which is not easy to be used as toys for young children. If you want to use them as toys, you need to choose environmentally friendly ones. Avoid foods with high lead content, such as Songhua eggs, popcorn and other high lead foods. Children should eat on time, and the absorption rate of lead in the intestine can be doubled on an empty stomach.

In addition, do not take your child to walk or play near the lead work environment. If you live in a household near an industrial area where lead work is in place, use a wet cloth as often as possible to remove dust from children’s reach.