Plastic recycling

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Due to climate change and pollution, plastics manufacturers estimate the environmental cost of using plastics to be estimated at $75 billion. However, cost savings can be achieved by closed-loop recycling and the use of biodegradable polymers. If you expand these behaviors, you can create a net worth of $3.5 billion a year.

Citing the example of Dell closed-loop recycling, using recycled plastics from its own products to create new computers, according to plastics manufacturers, if every plastics manufacturer can recycle recycled plastics through closed loop, it will save up to $700 million in annual social costs. .

Recycling, reuse and closed-loop methods can effectively manage the plastic ecosystem, create more job opportunities, and increase corporate brand value and supply chain efficiency.

Generally speaking, the status quo of plastic products manufacturers temporarily meets the development needs of China’s toy industry. There are few researches on the basic technology of toy plastics, lack of evaluation techniques and systems, technical standards are confusing, and basic data is cluttered.

In addition to keeping up with the development trend of the world’s plastic products, we also have our own work focused on improvement. Solve the current situation of lack of toy industry standards in China, and constantly improve the test methods and limit values ​​of various toy products.