Development history of plastic craft toys

Are plastic toys safe?
What do plastic toy manufacturers need to pay attention to when making toys?

Today, Xiaobian brings you the development history of plastic craft toys, so where does its magical development originate?

1. Innovative plastic craft toys for toy products

Toys are a very special category. They win with single products and move the market with products. We often see who is looking for which product rather than which brand. Winning a single product will be more obvious this year, so you need to make a fuss about product innovation. In addition to product innovation, you can innovate in categories, functions, technologies, intelligence, big data, etc., and you can also try to innovate in the aspects of human design such as appearance design and raw materials. For example, not all Japanese toys use high-tech technology. Products that attract a large number of buyers because of their exquisite designs or the use of organic ingredients.

2.About toy brands

This year, if you still want to fight the toy companies in the market through price wars, you can basically say that there is no drama. The price wars have no advantage except to kill yourself and the industry. The primary factor in purchasing decisions is no longer price, but quality, safety and brand tone. Only by playing brand marketing to increase the added value of products can qualitative changes and breakouts occur. In addition, the brand’s community (fan) operation is the driving force for maintaining the brand’s activity and awareness. Game companies need to reposition their own brands. The best way is to do subtraction, return to the true, and there are many types of toys. Enterprises only need to insist on specializing in refined products according to their own advantages. For example: if your advantage is building blocks, then research the product thoroughly, and then make the brand into the top 10 categories, I think the market is already large enough.