Tips for choosing safe plastic toys

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Are plastic toys safe?

Nowadays, there are more and more types of toys for babies, but plastic craft toys are popular with babies and parents because of their bright colors, high cost performance, and relatively strong. However, we must not overlook that these plastic toys can sometimes be a killer that threatens the health of babies. Therefore, how to choose a safe and reliable toy is a headache for parents. Here are some details for parents who should pay attention to when choosing plastic toys.

First depends on the gloss and colorfulness of the toy

Good-quality plastic toys perform much better than inferior toys in terms of gloss and colorfulness. This is because high-quality plastic toys are usually made of plastic raw materials such as PVC, PP, PE, and the plastic itself is very shiny. Many inferior toys are usually made of “secondary materials” (that is, materials for recycling and reprocessing of waste plastic products). After reprocessing, the color becomes poor. Although it is not necessarily guaranteed that the color is good, it must be safe, but the poor gloss and poor color are all products with potential safety hazards.

Second, it depends on the thickness of the plastic toy manufacturers.

The biggest feature of plastic toys is that their finished products or parts are injection-molded at one time. If the inner wall of the injection toys is too thin, it is easy to break and fall when children are playing. Danger to baby. Generally, the plastic wall is thicker in corners or arcs than in other places, which increases the damage tolerance of the toy when it falls to the ground and reduces the degree of damage.

Third, it depends on the 3C certification and labeling instructions for plastic toy production.

3C certification is short for China Compulsory Product Certification. The state stipulates that plastic toys must pass the national compulsory product certification, that is, they must have the “CCC” mark. If there is no 3C certification on the product packaging, it means that the product is a fake and shoddy product. However, the 3C mark is not a quality mark. It is only a basic safety certification. It can only prove that the product is qualified and cannot prove that the product performance is excellent. In addition, check the labels such as manufacturer, origin, main material composition, warning slogan, product certificate, etc.