Toy manufacturers analyze the benefits of using PVC materials for plastic toys

Toy manufacturers tell you which toys are not suitable for children?
Is the plastic doll expensive or cheap?

Plastic toys use PVC to have many common advantages, so they are widely used in life and life. Below, the toy manufacturer’s plastic toys use PVC to have any advantageous characteristics.

PVC plastic has mechanical properties, excellent electrical properties, strong acid and alkali resistance, good chemical stability, but low softening point, suitable for manufacturing wire and cable, toys, bags, etc.

First, non-conducting: pvc plastic material can not be conductive, and is not subject to electrolysis, current corrosion, so no secondary processing is required.

Second, the cost is low: cutting and connecting are very simple, using PVC glue connection theory to prove that the security is safe, the operation is cumbersome, the cost is low.

Third, has good flexibility, shrinkage, and can process a variety of pvc products.

Fourth, the resistance is small, the flow rate is high: the inner wall is lubricated, the fluid activity loss is small, and the dirt is not easy to adhere to the smooth pipe wall, the maintenance is relatively simple, and the maintenance cost is low.

5. Durable: Excellent weather resistance, stable chemical properties, corrosion resistance, and can not be degraded by bacteria and fungi.

Sixth, pvc rubber is green and environmentally friendly. Unless it is heated to a certain temperature, harmful gases will be released. Under other conditions, there is no pollution and it can be used with confidence.