Ingredients of plastic toys?

Method for removing odor from toys
How to distinguish the quality of plastic toys?

Focusing on the manufacturers of plastic toys, the following editors introduce the ingredients and materials of plastic toys:

The primary ingredient of plastic toys is resin.

The material of plastic toys: It is made of polymer synthetic resin (polymer) as the main ingredient and enters various auxiliary materials or additives. It has plasticity and fluidity under specific temperature and pressure, and can be molded into a certain shape and under certain conditions. Keep the shape unchanged.

Polymer: refers to the pure data or polymerization data generated during the polymerization process. Regardless of whether the natural resin or the synthetic resin is a polymer aggregate, it is referred to as a high polymer.

Plastic has good insulation properties for electricity, heat, and sound: electrical insulation, arc resistance, thermal insulation, sound insulation, sound absorption, vibration absorption, and noise reduction.

Most of the original materials of plastic toys are extracted from some oils. The most well-known PC materials are extracted from petroleum. The PC materials have a smell of gasoline when they are burned. ABS is extracted from coal. ABS will be sooty when burned out; POM is extracted from natural gas, and POM will have a very smelly gas when burned out.