What are the hazards of unqualified plastic toys?

How to distinguish the quality of plastic toys?
Don’t let toys hurt children

Toys are children’s close partners, and substandard plastic toys can endanger children’s health and safety. Recently, CCTV exposed that the plasticizer content of a plastic toy manufacturer exceeded the standard by 368 times. It is understood that the plasticizer phthalate in toys exceeds the standard, which may cause precocious puberty in children, damage liver and kidney, and even cause cancer.

The reporter investigated the children’s toy market and found that in addition to the harm of this invisible plasticizer, Sanwu products, unclear labels, and no safety warnings still flooded the market and harmed children’s health.

Hot water will release the plasticizer, which may seriously affect the child’s reproductive system. If this substance is deposited in the body for a long time, it may also cause liver and kidney damage, and even have a certain carcinogenicity.

In addition to the direct impact of plasticizers on children, it can also have long-term effects if the mother is in contact during pregnancy. Plastic toy manufacturers told reporters that for pregnant women, excessive intake of this plasticizer will cause problems in the development of the reproductive system of pregnant male infants; young girls will experience premature breast development and precocious puberty.

Therefore, when purchasing suitable toy products, Baoma must pay attention to these issues. Only safe and reliable plastic toy manufacturers are worthy of reassurance.